Table of Contents

  1. Which CBD Oil Is Right for me
  2. Is Cannabis Oil CBD Oil or THC Oil
  3. Strengths and Types of CBD Oil

Which CBD Oil Is Right for me 

We wouldn’t be surprised, if you’re new to CBD oil, and have no idea which one to take! I mean, we have a huge choice and that can be daunting. That’s what this article is for to help you decide on the best cbd oil, CBG oil, CBN oil for you in South Africa.

First of all we would like to tell you the difference between what we sell and what your neighbourhood marijuana oil dealer sells you.

What he/she sells you is very high in THC and is from the cannabis strain that has been bred to have the highest concentrations of THC to get you high. If they’re not making it in their kitchen they’re getting it from someone who has made it in their kitchen using crude methods to extract the oil such as butane or isopropyl which are petro chemicals. These methods are very high in carcinogens and probably do as much harm as they are doing you good and you never know what you’re getting. Needless to say there are no tests done on these to ascertain their safety on what you’re putting in your body such as heavy metal content, pesticides, herbicides, petro-chemicals and rat poison. Now call us old fashioned but we ain’t putting anything in our mouths that hasn’t been certified and tested to the moon and back it just isn’t worth it.

What we sell is grown in Switzerland and is extracted by a process called CO2 extraction which is 100% pure and all our CBD oils are stringently tested and analyzed using very expensive spectrographic equipment to make sure it is free of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and poisons of all kinds. So you can feel safe with the knowledge that what you are putting in your body is good for you and will help with whatever you are suffering with. Please read on for which cbd oil to take

Is Cannabis Oil CBD Oil or THC Oil 

Let’s demystify this straight away for you Marijuana and Hemp come from the cannabis plant just different varieties so they both -in a way- make cannabis oil. Cannabis oil from the marijuana plant has A LOT of THC and cannabis oil from the HEMP plant generally industrial hemp is high in CBD Oil and trace amounts of THC. There is a lot of debate on THC and CBD at the moment. We prefer CBD and this is why;

  • CBD has little to no side effects.
  • CBD Oil will not get you high.
  • CBD Oil is VERY good for you.
  • CBD oil has a lot of healing properties. Too many to get into in this article.
  • CBD oil is very abundant in the hemp plant.
  • CBD oil is being heavily researched because it has so many benefits.
  • CBG oil is lesser know because it is so new but also just as good as CBD oil
  • CBG oil is also from the hemp plant
  • CBG is the root of all the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant
  • CBN is also from the hemp plant found in lesser quantities and helps with different things.
  • We have CBD Oil, CBG Oil and CBN oil

Strengths and Types of CBD Oil

The CBD Oil Company sells many different strengths and types of CBD oil. We are going to break it down by percentage. Please know that percentage is worked out by dividing the size of the bottle into the Milligrams of CBD in that bottle eg 400mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle will give you 4% strength. When CBD oil is extracted it becomes a gel like substance that needs to be added to a carrier oil to be liquid enough to consume in a dropper bottle. We use Extra virgin olive oil or Hemp seed oil as a carrier. Each 10ml of cbd oil offers 200 drops. All our oil is full spectrum CBD Oil which means it is the whole plant which scientists believe gives the entourage effect (there is a lot more in the hemp plant such as CBG, CBN) and offers way more benefits than taking a CBD isolate that only contains CBD some of the cheaper (inferior) brands offer this. Consider reading this article on South Africans should be wary of cheap CBD Oils

Below is a list of all the strenghts of CBD Oil and which one you should take


CBD Hemp Oil Capsules 4% and 10% – Cibdol CBD softgel capsules will revolutionise your daily CBD regimen. Featuring the same potent formula as our renowned, golden CBD oils, this new product encapsulates powerful cannabinoids within a tasteless, easy-to-swallow gel that can travel on-the-go and makes dosing easier than ever. Go strong or go normal with these two choices. If you suffer with anything (and have researched yourself which is easy to do with google) this is a very convenient way to take on the go cbd oil. If you don’t like the taste of cbd these are great. Go to buy by clicking here

5% cbd oil

Cibdol 5% CBD Oil – It contains 500mg of CBD Oil per 10ml and has hemp seed oil as its carrier. Comes in 10ml bottles. As the name implies is is slightly stronger that the 4% oil but uses hemp seed oil which also has a lot of goodness in it such as the omegas and is good for the heart. This one should be taken if you would like your entire oil to be from the hemp plant and may offer certain benefits over olive oil as a carrier. You may like to try this one if you have tried the 4% and would like to see if the 5% can offer you additional benefits. Click here to go to the shop for pricing

Cibdol 10% CBD Oil – 1000mg of CBD Oil per 10ml with extra virgin olive oil as its carrier. Comes in 10ml bottles and in Capsule form. This is very popular for people who who feel they need the extra oomph so to speak. We find that people that take this strength oil are able to take less than the other less potent oils to achieve the same result or take this because they really need that extra strength.  Click here to go to the shop for pricing

Cibdol 20% CBD Oil – 2000mg CBD Oil per 10ml bottle. Hemp seed Oil as the carrier. 10ml and 30ml bottle sizes. This is the strongest oil available on the market. This is the CBD Oil to take if you want to either take a lot less of it and it lasts a loooooot longer or you take it to give yourself the highest strength cbd oil available to give yourself what you think you need and have researched. This is Cibdols strongest oil to date. It may be expensive but it is the Farari of CBD Oils. Click here to go to the shop for pricing


What is CBG?

CBG, or cannabigerol, is one of over a hundred phytocannabinoids found inside hemp, a selectively bred type of Cannabis sativa. Referred to as cannabinoids for short, these compounds make up hemp’s chemical structure alongside essential terpenes and flavonoids.

Cannabinoids are unique because they interact with the endocannabinoid system, an innate physiological system that helps to maintain homeostasis in the body. With the help of cannabinoids, we can support a healthy and balanced approach to well-being. However, what makes CBG particularly special is the role it plays in the development of other cannabinoids.

Where do cannabinoids come from?

CBG is the “activated” version of cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). CBGA isn’t only the precursor to CBG, but also CBD, THC, CBN, CBC, and dozens of other common cannabinoids. CBGA is considered the stem molecule, and without it, the vast world of influential cannabinoids would not exist.

Although CBGA, and by extension CBG, plays a crucial role in cannabinoid synthesis, it’s likely you won’t have heard of it before. CBGA only exists inside raw hemp plants, and after extraction and decarboxylation, CBG usually makes up less than 1% of the total cannabinoid content in a full-spectrum formula.

However, by using state-of-the-art machinery and industry-leading expertise, we’ve harnessed purified CBG from all-natural hemp to deliver a product range that includes substantial levels of this versatile compound.

How does CBG work?

All cannabinoids interact with the body via the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a vast regulatory network that extends throughout our entire body. Its primary function is to support a state of balance between our biological systems. When mind and body are balanced, we’re better equipped to deal with diseases or disorders.

The regulatory function of the ECS extends to areas such as:

• Memory and learning
• Stress and emotions
• Digestion
• Metabolism
• Fertility
• Thermogenesis

The interaction between cannabinoids and the ECS usually occurs via direct activation of CB₁ and CB₂ receptors. These receptors act as entry points for cannabinoids, allowing them to trigger a wide range of biological responses.

CBG is believed to act in much the same way, partially activating CB₂ receptors, but showing a stronger affinity for CB₁ receptors. Although the exact mechanism of action remains under investigation, scientists have been able to confirm that CBG effectively regulates endocannabinoid signalling, and may have therapeutic influence.

What effects does CBG have?

Due to the ongoing nature of CBG research, there is limited data on its therapeutic influence. Studies have confirmed that the cannabinoid supports the regulatory role of the ECS, but to what extent remains under investigation.

How is CBG different from CBD?

Not only does CBG have a different chemical structure to CBD, but it doesn’t interact with the endocannabinoid system in the same way as its well-known counterpart. CBG exerts its influence via activation of CB₁ and CB₂ receptors found in our immune, digestive, and peripheral nervous systems.

CBD, on the other hand, acts as a “general manager” of the ECS, ensuring the regulatory system is operating efficiently. CBD achieves this by promoting the release of beneficial enzymes and endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are signalling chemicals produced internally that share a striking similarity to phytocannabinoids, and play a crucial role in well-being.

Although their mechanism of action may be different, CBG and CBD do share some common attributes, the most important of which is their non-psychotropic nature. Neither cannabinoid will induce a high when consumed in isolation or together.

Both cannabinoids benefit from the entourage effect—a phenomenon that boosts their respective properties when they exist alongside other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Although CBG has several impressive attributes of its own, it synergies perfectly with CBD, making a combination of the two ideal for a balanced and comprehensive approach to well-being.

What is CBG oil?

Using our extensive expertise, we’ve carefully combined CBG with a full-spectrum blend of essential cannabinoids and terpenes, capitalising on the benefits of the entourage effect.

Available in a range of concentrations, you can enjoy the therapeutic influence of CBG alongside terpenes, antioxidants, plant protein, and more thanks to our cold-pressed hemp seed carrier oil.

How is CBG oil made?

Hemp contains a diverse spectrum of compounds, all existing in different ratios. While CBD and THC make up the lion’s share of cannabinoids, less abundant compounds like CBG can be challenging to isolate.

The process begins by milling mature hemp plants, removing stalks and other unnecessary parts of the plant. The flowers and leaves are what contain the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Cibdol uses highly advanced supercritical CO₂ extraction to isolate these essential compounds. Our hemp extract then undergoes filtration and purification to produce a golden-grade liquid unrivalled in effectiveness and quality. Once combined with a suitable carrier oil and bottled, it is ready for consumption.

Why is CBG oil made using supercritical CO₂ extraction?

Not only does CO₂ extraction allow for a greater level of control, but it is incredibly safe too. Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is a natural gas that exists all around us. However, when pushed past its critical point using a combination of heat and pressure, CO₂ becomes supercritical—a state between a gas and liquid.

By passing supercritical CO₂ over plant material, it binds with the cannabinoids and essential terpenes inside. The cannabinoid-infused solution is then carefully condensed to capture specific compounds without destroying them—including CBG. Once returned to a gas, the CO₂ can either be reused or dispersed safely into the atmosphere.

All CBG oils go through the same stringent production process and quality control as our traditional cannabinoid-infused product ranges. You can find a specific breakdown of what exactly goes into every bottle of CBG oil on our CBD Analysis page. Every batch is independently tested and verified by non-profit organisation Fundación Canna.

Which CBG oil is right for you?

The Cibdol CBG Oil range includes a selection of products, each with different concentrations. No CBG concentration is superior to another. Instead, individuals should choose the strength best suited to their needs and circumstances.

All of our CBG oils feature a cold-pressed hemp seed oil carrier for an improved taste and absorption rate. Hemp seed oil gives CBG oil an authentic flavour and is packed full of antioxidants, plant protein, and omega fatty acids that won’t upset the delicate balance of cannabinoids and terpenes.

If you are new to CBG oil, we recommend taking a low dose, at least to begin with. Once you’re accustomed to CBG’s effects, you can increase the dose and frequency accordingly.