With the flood of new CBD on the market in South Africa it is hard to walk outside without being smacked in the face with one CBD product or another. With this flood of cheap CBD it is hard to know which products to trust and which CBD to be wary of and should you be wary of them? Why South Africans Should be Wary of Cheap CBD!

The short answer is YES! You should be very wary. Why? You may ask. Hemp much like the honey bee is like an environmental cleaning agent. It will hoover up any toxicity in the area it occupies. If a bee harvests pollen in an area where there are toxins in the soil the hive will become toxic and the honey will become infected and no good to consume and you will become sick if you do. Hemp works very much the same way only on steroids. It will quite literally soak up all the toxins, heavy metals, radio active material, microbes and whatever else is present in the soil. The toxins don’t disappear when the CBD is removed from the hemp plant but rather amplified. To test every batch of cbd is expensive and adds to the cost which is often why cheap cbd does not have a test report with it. Cheap Chinese products flooding the market often have falsified 3rd party test reports. What you put in your body really could end up killing you rather than helping you.

Another reason why you have to be wary of cheap CBD is; it is very expensive to remove THC from hemp. The lower the levels of THC the more expensive the CBD. A high quality CBD oil produced by companies like Cibdol has 0.001% THC in their CBD oil which costs a lot to remove and is very complicated to remove while preserving all the terpenes and making sure it is a full spectrum CBD to make sure you get the entourage effect. THC has also been shown to be detrimental to early childhood brain development and should not been given on a regular basis to children up to the age of 18 years old. So it is very important to have a high quality CBD oil with very little THC.

Cheap CBD quite simply does not work properly. So  you may end up taking more than you should and still not get the results you want. In the end you give up thinking CBD does not work or is not worth the cost you paid for it as the desired results were not achieved. We have had people calling us up telling us horror stories of how they developed horrible ulcers in their mouths and rashes all over their bodies by taking cheap CBD oils which brings us back the the first point of our reason not to go buying the cheapest CBD oil you come across. Established reputations are there for a reason and there is a lot that can be said for permanency especially when it comes to your health, sometimes it is just not worth the risk. Our customers always end up coming back to us saying that they have tried other brands but they just didn’t work for them.

Our CBD is looked after from the organic farm it is grown on in Switzerland to the facilities it is extracted in to where it is bottled right to you. From the source to your body for your health and your life.


  • Make Sure the CBD you are getting has a 3rd party test report you can access
  • Make sure that it has little to no THC
  • Make sure it is from a reputable company one that has been around longer than a few weeks! And not sold by someone just out to make a quick buck!
  • Make sure there is a sell by date on your CBD
  • Make sure the CBD you buy has been looked after properly. I know that this is not always easy to do but people who have just entered the game have no clue what they are doing. CBD is sensitive to so many things and not knowing what you are doing can make it quite literally useless you might as well drink expensive water. eg UV exposure renders it useless, prolonged heat renders it useless, exposure to air, age, etc etc the list goes on.
  • If the cbd you buy is not in a box make sure it is in a UV protected bottle even then it could be useless unless handled carefully.