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CBD Pastilles For Dogs South Africa


Looking for a way to provide your dog with wholesome relief? Look no further—Cibapet CBD pastilles for dogs soothe your pet’s stress, pain, and discomfort, while bolstering their natural vigour and energy. Further, each taste-enhanced tablet is formulated with health-boosting ingredients to provide the most well-rounded support possible.



Your dog deserves to function at 100% every single day. Introducing Cibapet CBD pastilles for dogs, the solution to your furry companion’s physical and emotional discomfort.

Cibapet pastilles provide a potent dose of non-psychoactive CBD to support your dog’s health and wellness. Dogs have a natural endocannabinoid system or ECS that can be positively influenced by cannabinoids like CBD. The ECS is responsible for mediating a variety of important functions, and is key to achieving internal homeostasis, in both humans and dogs.
So far, studies have shown CBD to display major potential for relieving stress, anxiety, pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, and much more! In addition, CBD does not cause a high, but rather initiates a pleasant sensation of relief and relaxation. You know just how sensitive your dog can be