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Cibdol Anti-aging Cream with CBD South Africa


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Let your achievements, struggles and perseverance shine through your actions, not your skin. Our anti-aging cream has been infused with CBD, Shea Butter and Allantoin for complete 24-hour care. The unique formula takes advantage of each ingredients synergistic qualities, soothing and nourishing skin.

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Anti-aging Cream: Let Your Life Experiences Shine Through Your Actions, Not Your Skin

Healthy, nourished skin is an essential element to living a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. Although many people may think their skin needs to show the difficulties they’ve been through, it doesn’t. Our achievements, mental hardships, and our success should shine through our actions, not tired, aging skin.

CBD with a sophisticated blend of proven ingredients

Separately each ingredient in our anti-aging cream comes with its own list of accolades and benefits. Together, they work harmoniously to soothe and nourish skin from every angle. Whether that is the hydrating quality of shea butter, the comforting talents of allantoin, or the silky finish of alkyl benzoate, they will work tirelessly to support your skin.

United under the therapeutic embrace of CBD, our unique formula delivers something other anti-aging creams lack—proven benefits that work with your bodies natural balance, not against it.

24-hour care, wherever it’s needed; Face, neck, chest—wherever it’s needed, the anti-aging and moisturising effects of our CBD infused anti-aging cream can be used for 24-hour care. Life may not be as hectic as it was, but that doesn’t mean you need to slow down. Be proud of what you’ve achieved, and let your skin show you are only as old as you feel.