30ML 3000MG CBD Oil The CBD Oil Company CBD South Africa

R3,100.00 R2,900.00

Power and purpose. Our premium CBD oil delivers one of the most potent CBD oils available on the market. Sourced from organic hemp farms where no chemicals are used and no herbicides are used. Our CBD oil will deliver 3000mg of potent CBD oil to where it is needed to help you re-balance your life. It is a full spectrum cbd oil which means you will get the full entourage effect which means all the benefits of the whole plant will be available for you. Great for pain, Sleep, headaches, migraines and many many more uses.



30ml 10% THE CBD OIL Company CBD 3000mg Strong

The CBD Oil Company presents a strong CBD oil from Germany. This CBD has been sourced from Germany the home of innovation and discovery. If we know anything about the Germans it is that they do not take quality lightly with anything they do. Our CBD oil is very strong and very good and at an affordable price. The CBD oil Company CBD oil is mixed with hemp seed oil as its carrier to make sure you get a full spectrum CBD with all the goodness that the cannabis plant has to offer. It is sourced from industrial hemp grown in Europe with no THC detectable. What ever you need it to do for you and whatever you have researched about cbd oil for your condition where a reliable source has stated that CBD oil will work for you our CBD will do the job.

Dosage and Instructions

2-6 Drops up to 3 times a day

There are 600+ drops per 30ml

Contents include Full Spectrum CBD oil with hemp seed oil

Colour is Golden/yellow in colour