The short answer Yes! Cibdol CBD Oil IS Legal in South Africa!!

We are writing this article in response to an article written in the Business Insider which is not only defamatory it is incorrect. It has a picture of our 30ml 20% CBD hemp seed oil with garish red writing and a red arrow pointing at it saying STILL ILLEGAL WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. The title of this article was “Lawyers warn buyers of (just-legalised) CBD products could be breaking the law – and one big retailer just yanked CBD from its shelves”

We asked them to take the picture of our product down as it was incorrect and defamatory to which they responded with a resounding “No” because at the time the article was published the item was still illegal without a prescription. This was perplexing as it was simply not true and on further investigation the entire article was based on such a simple solution one might have thought that it was entirely pointless. The dosage instructions for the product just needed to be changed to comply with the new regulations that had been gazetted two working days before the article had been published. They believed that two working days, assuming people were glued to every piece of paper coming out of the Health Ministers office, for all businesses with their hundreds if not thousands of products to change their dosage instructions right away. They claimed they had given all businesses plenty of time to comply!! You be the judge! We were not approached by the journalist who wrote this article. We were not brought into the loop at all.

So they keep this article up despite the fact that it is no longer relevant or accurate. Instead insisting that when it was published it was relevant. We now get people who don’t read very well telling us that our product is illegal in South Africa when in fact Cibdol CBD Oil is very legal in South Africa. They see this picture in the article and move on to something else instead of reading the article because that is all their brains can cope with. The title of the article which is done like strip lights in Las Vegas to draw your attention in as it is sensational news as apparently lawyers opinions were asked, but not ours, and then a picture with our product and red writing with an arrow pointing at it. I am afraid this is all most people can cope with before their attention is diverted elsewhere. If you are still reading this then you are a rare breed and we thank you. You now know our view and the truth.

It also raises all sorts of ethical issues when it comes to journalism and the future of journalism. Do you consider two working days 16 hours enough time for all CBD sellers to change their dosage instructions? This is of course assuming they heard the news. Did their article help anyone? No it did not. Did it do any harm? Yes (but only to our patience answering stupid questions by people that didn’t read the full article). In fact it did more good than harm in the sense that it highlighted CBD and the more we can get CBD in the lime light the better. It is ancient. It is powerful. Is is the key.

While the world forges on at a rapid pace South Africa lags far behind. So Is Cibdol CBD Oil legal in South Africa? Hell yeah it is!!! More than ever. Go ahead buy some! You deserve it!