Buying CBD Hemp Oil in South Africa

  1. Buying the right CBD
  2. Media Attention
  3. Buying CBD based on evidence
  4. Which CBD Oil To Buy in South Africa
  5. Amounts of Milligrams of CBD Clearly Written
  6. Where to Buy CBD Oil
  7. How to Take CBD Oil

Buying the Right CBD

Honestly if I were you I would be quite daunted by all the CBD Hemp Oil products out in South Africa right now. Buying CBD Hemp Oil in South Africa is kind of a pot shot at the moment and there aren’t many CBD oils that are verifiable in terms of quality and traceability. Buying oil from your local dealer is dangerous and what he sells can be quite toxic. But even online there are so many to choose from but which CBD oil to buy? Which one is right for you? Why are some so much cheaper and why are some more expensive?

Media Attention

CBD Hemp Oil is gaining a lot of media attention and rightly so. When they Americans demonized the hemp plant so many years ago they launched one of the largest campaigns to get rid of it the world has ever seen. Did you kn0w the President of the United States during the second world war promoted the growing of Hemp saying it was good for the country and good for the war effort. It could be used for so many things that they could not afford not to grow it; things like rope, shoes, paper (side note: the declaration of independence was written on hemp paper) and so much more. So why the turn around? Well there are many theories like the pharmaceutical companies could not compete with the number of health benefits cbd hemp oil had and they could not patent a plant so therefore could not make money off it, oil was and still is big business and hemp could make so many products we wouldn’t need as much oil. I am sure you have heard of many more reasons to numerous to mention.

Buying CBD Based on Evidence

There is such an overwhelming amount of evidence out on the internet that the governments around the world are losing their propaganda war. Countries like Germany have already included it in their National Health system and many more are following suit. America is in media the most about their new laws and in places like LA and Colorado which is becoming one of the capitals for growing cannabis related crops. Spain and Israel have been researching it for quite a while now and what they have discovered is quite amazing and they have actually seen cancer tumours being eaten by CBD and THC while not touching the healthy cells. Chemo therapy just kills indiscriminately and destroys your body. They have found the half the deaths are caused by chemotherapy itself. We have personally been told about how our cbd hemp oil is helping them and watched as Parkinson sufferers stop shaking literally seconds after taking CBD. Everyone if not almost everyone has heard of the young brave child called Charlotte and how her epilepsy was stopped from several thousand episodes a month to one. It can not be denied any longer that this is the missing piece in our diets. Everyone should be on CBD even if they are not suffering with anything it should be taken as a dietary supplement. It has been around for thousands of years and used for thousands of years and it is even found in Egyptian hieroglyphics and in Greek scrolls as they used it to cure countless ailments.

Which CBD Oil to Buy in South Africa.

Scientists have stated time and time again that a full spectrum CBD Hemp Oil is the best choice for the maximum amount of benefit because of the entourage effect ie; a plant is better when all of it is used as any compound within it does not act in isolation. So look for a company that is providing a full spectrum CBD oil like Cibdol which uses the best full spectrum CBD oil on the market from Switzerland. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to develop a synthetic CBD so they can make money off it but are failing. Full spectrum CBD Hemp Oil is best as there are so many other compounds in the hemp plant like CBGA, CBC, CBG, CBDA, CBCA and scientists are still discovering more health benefits from these so why wouldn’t you want them in your daily dose? Stay away from isolates as they are just as the name implies Isolates which will only have CBD in it which isn’t bad in itself it is what they tend to mix it with and you’re only getting the benefit of the CBD and not all the other compounds that are in the hemp plant which is probably why it would be cheaper than the full spectrum.

Beware of CBD oils that are completely clear as these are from the crystals (isolates) of the hemp plant and are not full spectrum cbd oils. Beware of neighbourhood dealers as these products are not THC free and contain petro chemicals because they use a crude extraction process of isopropyl or butane and these could cause more harm than they fix. The best extraction processes are CO2 extraction which is completely clean and free from contaminants. The neighbourhood dealers do not have access to CO2 extraction as it is very expensive running into hundreds of thousands of US$ and they often sell oil high in THC which will get you very high and make you lethargic and/or paranoid.

The best CBD Oils are free from pesticides, petro chemicals, herbicides, heavy metals and should have evidence to back it up.

Amounts of Milligrams of CBD Clearly Written

CBD Oils should have the amount of milligrams clearly shown on the bottle and the percentage. There are too many products out there that say they are 100% cbd oil but what they actually mean is they have used hemp oil but actually contain very little CBD and the amount of milligrams of CBD is in some random hard to find place on the packaging or bottle. We found that the UK companies were particularly guilty of misleading packaging and labeling sorry England but it’s true. When you get the size of the bottle and MG of that bottle you can work out it’s percentage strength if it is not clearly indicated and you can work out the amount of mg per drop as every 10ml bottle has around 200 drops.

Cibdols Liposomal CBD works out slightly differently as your body absorbs 4x the amount of cbd with Liposomes as the CBD is encapsulated in liposomes which are basically water capsules that can avoid being digested by stomach acids and pass unharmed they enter the blood stream and absorb into the cells of our bodies as our body is made up of water. This is a highly effective delivery method and researchers are discovering ways to get other medication where it is needed using Liposomes. Read up on it if you have the time as we believe it is the future of medicine. On another side note Cibdols Liposomal Multivitamin and Vitamin C with CBD is very effective at delivery nutrients to your body. Vitamin C absorbs 18X more effectively when it is liposomal even more effective than getting it intravenously.

Where to buy CBD Hemp Oil

Buy CBD hemp oil in South Africa from reputable establishments and reputable online shops like the below mentioned online cbd and health stores that have been around for a few years and only sell the top cbd oils on the market which have many thousands of happy customers. They sell the best cbd oil from Cibdol which you can trust without hesitation as many happy South Africans have discovered

Many online shops will offer free delivery for CBD as it is quite expensive although the cheaper ranges will not but delivery prices are coming down in South Africa as more and more online retailers enter the market and fierce competition for delivery companies helps.

Brick and Mortar health stores all over the country also sell CBD and if they don’t they are not worth going to.

How to Take CBD Oil

There are many ways to take CBD oil so we’ll just jump in quickly

  • CBD Oil Tincture – This can be taken with a dropper bottle under the tongue up to 3 times a day. The reason under the tongue is it absorbs through a thin membrane under the tongue into the blood stream. Hold it there for at least two minutes.
  • CBD Oil Capsules – Some stores sell them and Cibdol sells in 4% and 10% variants. They are a convenient way to take CBD when at work and you don’t get the strong after taste.
  • Liposomal CBD Hemp Oil – Same as CBD Oil Tincture you put it under your tongue or just swallow. It actually has quite a pleasant taste to it.
  • Suppositories – This is quite effective if you want to make your own out of organic beeswax it goes straight into the blood stream and ya’ll know how to take them. Some pharmacies sell moulds you just melt the beeswax and the cbd place it in moulds and put it in the fridge and use as needed. You can turn an ordinary strength of CBD into something powerful. I wonder if using the liposomes for this method would increase its efficacy even more than taking it orally? Let us know if you try!
  • Vaping – get a very good vape pen with a ceramic coil as the normal cheap wicks don’t work very effectively. I do and don’t recommend this way as scientists haven’t worked out how dangerous this is to your lungs and body and it doesn’t last very long it goes in to your blood stream and out very quickly so you get a quick short relief from it.
  • Have some fun – Mix cbd into a coffee or a drink or food for flavour or just to spice things up. There are cocktail bars and coffee shops in the USA serving it to customers which is quite a trend. The trick is to always keep things interesting and change it up as our bodies become used to things so do our minds and we enter into the humdrum of life. Whatever your reason for taking CBD just give it time and don’t expect it to work straight off the bat as it is natural but powerfully good for you.

Cibdol CBD Hemp Oil is one of the best brands in Europe and South Africa and has one of the highest ratings from customers of any oil on the market today.

Go to our online store HERE  and see our entire range of fantastic CBD Hemp Oils to buy in South Africa. Buying CBD Oils in South Africa should be a pain free and easy process and you should be able to get all the benefits today.