Can CBD Help Relieve Symptoms Of Menopause?


Women around the world have been looking for a more natural solution to managing the symptoms of menopause. One such prospect could be CBD, largely due to its influence on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Before we take a look at the relationship between the ECS and menopause, let’s first understand what causes menopause.

Understanding menopause

Menopause signifies a shift in a woman’s levels of oestrogen and progesterone. As a result, periods will stop, and getting pregnant naturally is no longer an option. Don’t worry though, this is a natural part of getting […]

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8 Signs Of A High-Quality CBD Oil

quality cbd

As CBD continues to increase in popularity, it becomes ever more important to make sure the CBD you use is high-quality and comes from a reliable source. With it being available pretty much everywhere these days, it can be hard to tell the good from the bad. We take a look at exactly what makes for a good and reliable source of CBD oil.

Here are 8 signs of a high-quality CBD oil:

1. Extracted using CO₂ or alcohol

The best CBD oils are extracted using safe solvents like supercritical CO₂. It […]

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CBD As A Treatment For Eczema South Africa

CBD For Eczema

CBD has gained impressive traction within recent years as a non-psychoactive substance with vast medicinal benefits. Laws surrounding the chemical are relaxing, and it is now available on a vast scale.

Cannabinoids like CBD exert their effects primarily by influencing the endocannabinoid system. This system is found all throughout the human body in the form of receptor sites existing on the membranes of many different cell types. These are the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Cannabinoids have an affinity for these receptors, successfully binding to them by […]

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What Is The Difference Between CBD And THC?

What Is The Difference Between CBD And THC?


CBD stands for Cannabidiol and THC stands for tetrahydrocannabidiol. They are both key ingredients in marijuana plants. Cannabinoids are a unique class of compounds and both CBD and THC belong to this class. High THC strains are common when it comes to marijuana but strains with high CBD are rare. The following are a few key differences found between CBD and THC.

What is CBD?

chemical structure CBDCannabis has more than 60 […]

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Which Strength CBD Oil is right for me?

Which CBD Oil To Take

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re new to CBD oil and see all the CBD oils we have on offer and have no idea which one to take! That’s what this article is for to help you decide on the best cbd oil for you in South Africa. heello

First of all we would like to tell you the difference between what we sell and what your neighbourhood marijuana oil dealer sells you.

What he/she sells you is very high in THC […]

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CBD and What is Homeostasis

CBD And Homeostasis

Numerous studies, journal articles, and media reports suggest that CBD and the endocannabinoid system play key roles in promoting homeostasis- but what exactly is homeostasis, and what does the endocannabinoid system have to do with it?


Homeostasis is a term used to describe the process of maintaining internal balance in an ever-changing external environment. In humans, homeostasis refers to a plethora of individual yet interdependent processes that ultimately keep our bodies functioning properly.

The conditions within our bodies can fluctuate in response to a variety […]

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